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Growpital - Platform to invest directly in the agriculture projects 

Growpital is a platform that connects investors with agriculture projects that offer a balance of high returns and low risk. It provides investors with a way to have a direct impact on the agricultural industry while also earning modest returns. The platform offers a range of investment options that are carefully designed to strengthen the investor's portfolio.

Growpital invests funds and resources into diversified farm projects, providing them with the necessary resources and services to mitigate risks and achieve their goals. They work with a team of agriculture experts and skilled farmers to manage the projects and ensure that high-quality farm inputs are used, new-age agricultural technology is deployed, and strict crop schedules are followed for optimal resource utilization, resulting in high-yield and better-quality produce. Possible hindrances like sudden weather changes, disease, or pest attacks are also taken into account to take the right measures at the right time to ensure a successful project.

With the goal of modernizing agricultural investments, it's only fitting for Growpital to use the most efficient method to meet their data infrastructure requirements.

"At Growpital we had the complexity of data generated from two different industries, finance and agriculture, Datazip helped us to uniform the data from different formats of specific industries. With many teams at our company relying on data, having a streamlined data infrastructure in place allows us to focus on improving key business metrics and increasing our impact."

- Utkarsh Srivastava, Chief Business Officer, Growpital

Challenge: Create a unified view of data from multiple sources like DynamoDB, Mixpanel, Google Ads, and Google Analytics

Speaking on the importance of data infrastructure, Rituraj Sharma, the Founder at Growpital adds, "Data is scattered across all the tools I use, and hiring data engineers is way too costly and time-consuming, with no way to combine data it is difficult to keep track of KPIs"

As a product built on connecting the most sought-after agricultural investment opportunities to retail investors, Growpital is known for its high tax-free returns using high-quality farm inputs and new-age agricultural technology.

Growpital faced several challenges in tracking front-end events using Google Analytics and Mixpanel, one of which was creating custom visualizations and gaining insights from data. The company faced limited in-house resources, and the process of combining data from multiple sources, performing in-depth analysis, and tracking user behavior and business KPIs was difficult. Data infrastructure is crucial for such a product, as it improves understanding of user engagement, enables better decision-making, allows focus on key performance indicators (KPIs), and improves the overall product.

Additionally, Growpital struggled to create a unified view of data without a single warehouse and this hindered their ability to map events data to user behavior post-purchase and generate insights from their internal database.

Navigating the data platform dilemma: to build or buy?

As a fintech company, Growpital also had to comply with data regulations, so they needed a tool that could be securely hosted in their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

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Solution - An end-to-end no/low code data infrastructure product that provides a data platform out of the box

With its in-built capabilities to connect to 150+ sources in a no-code manner along with warehouse and BI tool integrated in one single tool which sits in their VPC, Datazip was the product of choice for Growpital, since it could cater to their ever-increasing requirements seamlessly with no requirement of hiring a costly data engineering team. Post their partnership with Datazip, Growpital was able to start generating insights from their data in a matter of minutes and generated multiple visualizations in the span of a few days, which would be impossible for a company to accomplish if it decides to set up their infrastructure in-house at short notice.

With Datazip, Growpital could:

  • ✨ Easily connect to all of their data sources

  • ❄️ Define and expose the data through a business-friendly user experience

  • ⚡ Enable fast queries for charts and users

In the future, Growpital is interested in exploring a deeper partnership where they collaborate with Datazip to improve the product and explore other aspects of the platform. Like, bringing in farm data and embedding the dashboards to unlock external analytics as well along with adding more granular level data from other tools.

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